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About Onetenzeroseven

Sophie from Onetenzeroseven - Handmade, Travel, Style, Home         

Handmade by a TEA LOVER in the heart of YORKSHIRE, Onetenzeroseven is owned and run by Sophie (<- That's me!).

I love to WEAR MY HEART ON MY SLEEVE so each product is designed with that in mind, to enable you to wear what you love and shout it from the rooftops. Each piece could also make an excellent I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF YOU gift, wrapped up with care ready for gift giving.

As for me, I love anything HANDMADE, anything with a story and I absolutely love to create my own world and keep my HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. Being your own boss is better than you could ever imagine (you can do it too, head over to to find out how!).

Curled up with a SKETCHBOOK, my RESCUE DOG (Frank! <- @doofushound) and a HUGE MUG OF TEA is how I spend my days, creating new fun that will hopefully brighten your day too!

From sketchbook to Photoshop, all the things that I think WILL MAKE YOU SMILE are hand drawn into graphics on my trusty little MacBook Pro ready to be cut from plywood and acrylic into YOUR NEXT FAVOURITE THING! Chains, rings and earring posts are added by hand and I test each design for quality and durability before it's available for sale (I love wearing my own jewellery, is that goofy?).

Finally I display everything on a PRETTY BRANDED CARD for protection and so you can keep all your goodies together (don't lose those earrings!) and then wrap them into a fuchsia pink lined box that will land on your doorstep to START IT'S NEW JOURNEY WITH YOU!

I'll put the kettle on :)